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Buhari Leaves For U.S. On Saturday For Meeting With Trump

  1. IT – So, Buhari seeks friendship with US? Why not with brother Muslim countries like Sudan?  A few questions Trump and the American Govt must ask Buhari- 1. Why is he illegally appropriating  Christian  Niger Delta ECA of $1billion to fund weapons reportedly distributed by Northern controlled Nigerian army to  his  kinsmen Muslim Miyetti Allah to kill Christians in the name of fighting terrorism? 2. Does he still believe in Sharia he has advocated for all his life? 3. How come no single Christian  Akwa-Ibomite is involved in managing NNPC when it is the #1 oil producing state in Nigeria? 4. Why the political and economic slavery of Christian Akwa Ibom?5. Why? Muhammadu Buhari? 6. Akwa Ibom disproportionately paid for that fancy Presidential jet bringing him to the US. His Muslim Katsina and Herdsmen did not contribute one penny for that jet. 7. Will he grant Akwa Ibom a Referendum to decide our fate as a federating unit? This is our most important demand from an ethnically and religiously biased and incompetent  Sharia supporting ruler.

 “The meeting will further deepen the US-Nigeria relationship as the United States considers Nigeria’s economic growth, security and leadership in Africa to be critical aspects of their strategic partnership,” the statement added.

Channels Television
Updated April 27, 2018


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