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Nigeria breaking up, I just laugh – SGF, Mustapha .

IT: Really, Mr Mustafa? Intermarriage will keep the country united, irrespective of  the  Muslim Northern run Govt turning a blind eye to ethnic cleansing,and been accused of complicity in almost daily killings of scores of Christians and Catholic priests by Buhari’s Miyetti Allah’s cattle Herdsmen in the Muslim dominated Northern Nigeria? Intermarriage will get Nigeria out of it’s  economic, political and governance morass? How many inter married  Rwandans( Nigeria is in a historically similar situation today) were  saved from interethnic murders of close to a million people a decade ago? The  Nigerian PMB-led Muslim North using nepotism essentially seized 85% of billions of dollars worth of Akwa Ibom oil well blocks. Not one single Akwa Ibomite has been awarded their own oil well? How has  SS-Northern intermarriage helped with that?  We give you, Boss Mustafa more intellectual credit than the above naive and patronizing statement.

Nigeria breaking up I just laugh – SGF, Mustapha Whenever I hear people talking about Nigeria breaking up I just laugh – SGF, Mustapha ON APRIL 29, 20187:04 Abuja – Mr Boss Mustapha, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF), on Saturday reaffirmed his belief in the oneness of the country saying that the foundations of the country were too deep for a break-up. He said this while addressing State House Correspondents after the wedding reception of his first daughter, Amanda, to Mr Otelemaba Westwood from South South, Nigeria.

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