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DSS Steps in as Delta Communities Protest Withdrawal of Salvic Petroleum from OML 30

  IT- Well, the chickens are finally coming home to roost. At least 85% of oil blocks worth hundreds of billions of DOLLARS are owned by Northerners in Nigeria. These blocks are from the Niger Delta. They were fraudulently seized  and awarded for the most part by  Northern military dictators to their ethnic kin and girlfriends. Oil is not produced in the North. How come most of the oil concessions and federal contacts go to them? Why is the Akwa Ibom political leadership  (#1 oil producer in Nigeria) quiet over this? Where is the outrage on the streets of Uyo? Where are the protests in Eket?

By Ejiofor Alike
There have been ongoing community protests at Oil Mining Lease (OML) 30, Nigeria’s second largest onshore oil and gas asset, located in the western Niger Delta, about 35km east of Warri in Delta State, compelling the Department of State Services (DSS) to step in to forestall unrest in the area, THISDAY has learnt.

I am a civil, human and political rights activist. I chose to speak for the ignored and powerless. The Nigerian political scene is a jungle. Print and electronic media are owned by wealthy elites who irrespective of ethnicity and religion suppress public discourse of misgovernance, their political and economic ineptitude which has left Nigeria on it's knees. seeks to fix that. That is our aim. That is my life calling and purpose.

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