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Ibom People’s Republic In 2018-New Year Message. Break it up! UN Ref On IPR 

Below is a raw transcript of a New Year Greetings and Message from IPR Political Bureau. 

I really wish all Akwa Ibomites at home and in the Nigerian and International Diaspora a great new 2018!

The YouTube Video is available on YouTube.



My name is Offiong Offiong Aqua. I hereby wish my subscribers, listeners and supporters a very special New Year- 2018!This for us will be a year of successes in our struggle for deliverance from political slavery. We are going to fight in Uyo, Abuja, Lagos and even New York, London and other European and US capitals where Nigerian leaders frequently visit mouthing democracy and misrepresenting the oppression of indigenous peoples they have left behind. We are ready to fight, ladies and gentlemen.

Unfortunately the country of our birth, Nigeria is reeling under an ethnic inclined misgovernance ,  arrogance and political sectarianism never before seen since the British handed over in 1960. PMB has proven to be a fraud and a ruler appropriating oil resources and the most senior Govt positions and distributing to his Northern friends and elite. All you have to do is look at recent Fed Board appointments dominated disproportionately by Northern elite whose regions do not bring anything to the federal purse. This is economic and political parasitism! Northern elite with PMB as mafia don have hijacked Nigeria! We will not be silent any more about this!

We will however today focus on the positive. A few months ago, we in Ibom People’s Republic Directorate demanded our own country to be appropriately named Ibom People’s Republic.  Please remember that even the name Nigeria was given to us by the wife of the colonialist Lord Lugard! So, IPR will be our own ancestral name.We started documenting evidence to  the UN asking for separation from the politically suffocating ethnic run Nigerian Federal Govt. 

I present to you today on this first day of 2018 a clear option to the way Nigeria is ruled. IPR will be run like a true democracy tending to minority and all of it’s peoples rights unlike Nigeria. There will be no orchestrated fuel shortage like  we just experienced leading up to Christmas. By the way we will never issue a Federal Boards management list in which it’s most important leadership positions is tilted to Northern establishment elite. Our list will definitely not include scores of dead people like the one  PMB just released! Here you go with an idea of our plans for a new country-This will be a 3 part series. I present part 1 today to you.

Here you go- This is the first part of our solution to the failed Nigerian experiment.

The second step after the naming the country IPR is to count the citizens of this  new country . I am sure this activity will be a revelation and a foreign concept for the present Nigerian ruling class. A legitimate census! Wow. Northern elite have consistently declined to support a legitimate counting of Nigerians. We, presently really do not know how many Nigerians actually inhabit this geographic zone. Just like we don’t know how many barrels  of oil is accurately produced in the oppressed and repressed Niger Delta today.Nigerian policy makers actually use UN census numbers or projections from previous censuses like the one conducted in 1963  for planning.The real last census in 1991 was marred by controversy involving the illegal counting of cattle as citizens and refusal of some families to allow census officials to eyeball their wives and even children sited by relatives for religious reasons! Really? We will conduct a census where every single citizen is counted and recorded. We will then proceed and issue numbered ID cards to every citizen of  IPR- the equivalent of social security cards in the United States for example. Yes, the United States! Yes, we will provide social security to all of our citizens.Nigerian politicians and leaders hypocritically feign distaste for any mention of time tested and successfull arrangements in other countries, claiming they are looking for a “Nigerian”solution. This is while they are as we speak, sending their wards and children to study in Europe and America.This is as they enact  govt policies which use oil money to send sick senior govt officials for medical care overseas. This is  from a country whose sitting and present President spent months for treatment in the United Kingdom recently.And he travels for announced frequent medical check ups in those countries they are wary to copy any thing from today. And while in those European countries, Nigeria’s oil money pays tens of millions of pounds for landing fees at airports like Heathrow for example! So, the so called “Nigerian” solution is just a ploy for them to excuse ineptitude and avoid accountability.

Presto! Census completed. The returns from census show IPR as having say, a total of of 5.5 million citizens. So, the govt will issue five and a half million picture  identity cards which will capture biometric and relevant information on all .These cards will be used for voter registrations, banking, and most importantly equitable national policy planning.

Next, we will proceed to call for the assemblage of a constituent assembly conference. Not the National Constitutional Conference(1994-1995) superintended by Gen. Sanni Abacha which produced the so called Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1995 ( with Amendments ) This document after the untimely and controversial demise of San Abacha was not adopted in full by the new Gen Abdulsalami govt. Amongst the reasons given for this head fake and transparent attempt to Northernize this document was that it “was a product of disputed legitimacy” and suffered from a “crisis of authenticity in the public consciousness”. The above are accurate quotes from the Then military junta.Gen Abubaker later ended up forcing a new constitution on the country in 1999 just before the resumption of civilian rule which for all intents and purposes is practically an amalgam of the 1995 and 1979 constitutions. That undemocratic and essentially semi legal document is the open sore of Nigeria’s ineffective governance today. No. We will do ours transparently using the A1 system where voters will line behind preferred candidates.

We will continue with our plans in a coming broadcast. For now, enjoy this joyous day with you family and loved ones.

I am, Offiong Offiong Aqua.

Offiong Offiong Aqua 

Convener, Ibom People’s Republic.

On YouTube and new multi media 2018 platforms.

I am a civil, human and political rights activist. I chose to speak for the ignored and powerless. The Nigerian political scene is a jungle. Print and electronic media are owned by wealthy elites who irrespective of ethnicity and religion suppress public discourse of misgovernance, their political and economic ineptitude which has left Nigeria on it's knees. seeks to fix that. That is our aim. That is my life calling and purpose.

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