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“Inciting”Statement Against Buhari by A’Ibom Attorney General, APC Petitions DSS




The below quotes are from Uwemedimo Nwoko, the Attorney General Of Akwa Ibom State-

‘Protecting the herdsmen has earned the President accolades from the North as the only president that is protecting the Fulanis and he is very happy to be called the only person that is protecting the Fulanis at the expense of the totality of every other Nigerians out of about 250 ethnic groups that we have in this country and that is very sad.”

The below quotes  are from  Akwa Ibom APC Publicity Secretary, Edet Eyo Bassey.

“In late 2015, the governor addressed a rally in Uyo where he announced that President Buhari is ‘a Fulani man who is only interested in taking Akwa Ibom oil’.


“Udom Emmanuel has received his fair share of federal allocations, Paris Club refunds and refunds for federal roads constructed by the previous administration. The governor has even been invited to join the president on many foreign trips”


We request the DSS to launch intensive investigations into the motives for the personal attacks, insults and abuses hauled against the person of President Buhari by the governor and officials of Akwa Ibom State government.

Thank you.

Edet Eyo Bassey
State Publicity Secretary

Culled from p37 of The Nation of Wed, May 16, 2018






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