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Pro-Biafra agitators in failed bid to seize Enugu government house

IT- The Northern elite-led Nigerian Govt should be held responsible for these continuous and endless agitations by different and disparate groups peacefully seeking a toehold and voice for their ignored and neglected people. These inept elites will continue in response, organizing self gratifying elections, using a constitution and rules written solely by their Generals and civilian kinsmen.

Members of the Biafra Zionists Federation (BZF) made a failed attempt at forcibly taking over the Enugu State government house yesterday.

The secessionist group had planned to use the premises to proclaim an independent state of Biafra.

About 30 BZF members, including their leader Benjamin Onwuka, were arrested in the process.



I am a civil, human and political rights activist. I chose to speak for the ignored and powerless. The Nigerian political scene is a jungle. Print and electronic media are owned by wealthy elites who irrespective of ethnicity and religion suppress public discourse of misgovernance, their political and economic ineptitude which has left Nigeria on it's knees. seeks to fix that. That is our aim. That is my life calling and purpose.

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