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Those who do not yet understand that Nigeria is the name of a scam, set up, first by rogue British Colonialists, but currently under the control of their local agents, the Caliphate, operated for the sole purpose of legitimately looting and carting away humongous values of assets, will continue to wonder why bizzare things happen here all the time.

Those who think that we operate in democracy here, must be ignorant of the meaning of Democracy, even by the simplest definition of democracy “Government OF the people, BY the the people and FOR the people”.

Nigeria does not pass the test of any one of these three distinct legs of definition. Our grundnorm (the so-called Constitution), is not OF the people. People in power do not get to power BY the votes of the people. Those who wield power do not apply it FOR the benefit of the people.

It is not by accident that these things are like that.

All the Constitutions that defined the Project, “Nigeria” from the 1914 Order-In-Council, to those of 1922, 1946, 1954 and 1960, all through to the 1963, 1979 and 1999 Constitutions, have been imposed by the proprietors of the criminal enterprise we all call “Nigeria”, with provisions drawn up in keeping with the main objective of the enterprise, which is to loot legitimately, thus you have appropriation provisions that leave the spare keys to the treasury in the hands of the heads of the Executive Branch, an immunity provision that completely shield them from any probe or sanction until they leave office, all against the background of Section 6(6)(c) that relieve the Government of all obligations to the Citizen, by rendering non-justiciable, the entire Chapter 2 of the fraudulent 1999 Constitution which provide all the good things of life to the citizen.

All the institutions of State are designed to service this main objective, including the so-called Judiciary, where the Executive appoints all the Heads and has a monopoly of control over all aspects of the enforcement mechanism (Police).

There is also the 68-item Federal Exclusive Legislative List which comprehensively confiscate both assets and the rights to economically work those assets, from the Federating Regions which were first emasculated to 36 impotent “States” by the proprietors of Nigeria. The 30-item Concurrent List gives overriding powers to the so-called Federal Government.

Between these aforementioned provisions and creations of armed political merchants, avenues for massive corruption are firmly entrenched, the potential beneficiaries are fully protected, while the raped owners are tied, leg and hand, blindfolded and tethered to the pillars of the same Constitution, resulting in a reality of Masters and Slaves, just like the Apartheid Era South Africa.

The biggest shame and insult of the situation is the egregious falsehood in the Preamble of the so-called 1999 Constitution, that “We the People” made and enacted our damnation.

Any Lawyer who does not know these things to be the cause of ALL the anomalies in Nigeria, including corruption, impunity, insecurity, decayed infrastructure and more, must go back and question the curriculum of Jurisprudence in the University where he or she studied Law.

On the other hand, any Lawyer who know all these, but goes around trying to uphold the “Human Rights” of Nigerians under the so-called 1999 Constitution, must re-examine his own intentions.

Slaves have no rights. It is that simple. The situation of Nigerians under this imposed Constitutional Regime is no different from that of the Blacks in Apartheid Era South Africa.

The only difference is that
whereas in South Africa two honest Lawyers named Oliver Thambo and Nelson Mandela told the suffering Blacks of South Africa the truth about the source of their misery which is the Apartheid Constitution, we have in Nigeria, a preponderance of Lawyers who leave intact the source of the misery of the people being the so-called 1999 Constitution, and lead them in some kind of wil-o-the-wisp chase of either the nonexistent human right, or the complaints and campaigns against corruption.

Now the long hibernating Caliphate which imposed the debilitating Constitution 1999, has finally seized power at the center and having successfully incapacitated all points of resistance, is in a ferocious drive to destroy, oust and replace the bogus Nigerian State.

Being firmly on the saddle atop the Executive Branch and all the arm-bearing institutions of State,(Police, Army, Air Force, Customs, Immigration, DSS etc) the Caliphate cowed the Legislative Branch into complete submission, brandishing the Corruption Sword.
Now the siege has moved to the Judicial Branch, again with the Corruption Sword.

Nobody seems to read correctly the meaning of the so-called “Fulani Herdsmen” bloody Southward unchallenged rampage sweeping from Plateau, to Benue, through Southern Kaduna all the way to Enugu, with heavy armoured Tanks already rolling over Port Harcourt, Aba and Warri on the Atlantic Waterfront, under the watch of a Caliphate Fulani President and Commander-in-Chief.

It is a great pity that those who should know and explain to other what the nature of the evil is, that has come upon the land.

In case anyone does not yet know, just like ISIS is trying to oust and replace the States of Syria and Iraq with its Caliphate self, so is the Sokoto (Nigerian) Caliphate trying to destroy, oust and replace the already weakened Nigerian State with itself.

CONQUEST and ISLAMIZATION is the campaign, backed up by undisguised ETHNIC CLEANSING, but ignorance and dishonesty hold sway amongst the targets and victims, in the land.

The LNC and its MNN Partners are vigorously advancing the task of dissolving and dismantling the Lugardian Nigeria returning the sovereignties of the entrapped constituent components so that each bloc goes off to repair its own Society damaged by the failed Lugardian experiment tagged “Nigeria” whilst working out Fresh Post-Nigeria Protocols amongst Willing, Compatible Contiguities in unfettered Self-Determination.

Visit to find out more. Also search YouTube with the name “Lower Niger Congress” to see the several Project videos documenting the LNC/MNN Processes.

Enquiries to +234-810-0569448.

Tony Nnadi
October 21, 2016

I am a civil, human and political rights activist. I chose to speak for the ignored and powerless. The Nigerian political scene is a jungle. Print and electronic media are owned by wealthy elites who irrespective of ethnicity and religion suppress public discourse of misgovernance, their political and economic ineptitude which has left Nigeria on it's knees. seeks to fix that. That is our aim. That is my life calling and purpose.

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