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Strange Quote- I Joined APC To Help FG Fight Corruption, Says Akpabio

“Poverty creates corruption and corruption deepens poverty, so we need to fight the two together. And that is one of the things I find attractive with the APC and believe me, with my people in Akwa Ibom State, with my presence in APC, my people in South-South have now seen the light and they say APC is the party to vote for come 2019”

Akpabio/Akwa Ibom Money(B69) Break it Up! UN Ref on IPR. 8/30/2018

Today’s broadcast is part of our 3 in 3 series. 3 issues or quotes  on 3 issues.

#1Headline-from Nigerian newspapers today-

Sahara Reporters- Quote #1 from Godswill Akpabio after attending National APC Caucus Meeting with Buhari in Abuja-

“I Joined APC To Help FG Fight Corruption, Says Akpabio” This is a quote from the garrulous and disingenuous former Gov.

Hahaha. This would be funny if it were not tragic for millions of suffering Akwa Ibomite dispossessed by this man of billions of state dollars during his 8 year reign. He received about N30 billion naira monthly for 8 years. I will only quote sources in response to this surreal alternative facts from the beleaguered former Gov.

Quote #2 from Pulse newspaper-

“Akpabio has been assailed with corruption allegations since he left Akwa Ibom government house for the senate in 2015.

Cases against Akpabio

Akpabio entered the EFCC’s books for allegedly looting the sum of N108.1 billion from the coffers of Akwa Ibom during his stint as governor.

Akpabio has also been accused of acquiring choice property across the country, namely: Plot 5 Okogosi Spring Close, off Katsina-Ala Crescent, Maitama-Abuja; a multi-billion naira mansionette at Plot 28 Colorado Close, Maitama, Abuja and another multi-billion naira mansion at 22 Probyn Road, Ikoyi, Lagos.

In September of 2017, the EFCC revealed that it was investigating Akpabio over a N1.4billion gift to a bank” Unquote. The above is not from me. It is from numerous sources and newspapers. 4.5 million Akwa Ibomites need this money back! It is our money. Buhari must make him refund this stolen money and confiscate the houses and other illegally acquired properties.

Quote #3 

This quote is from Punch attributed to Wilson Uwujaren, EFCC spokesperson.


“responding to a text message sent by Punch, EFCC spokesperson Wilson Uwujaren said the cases against Akpabio haven’t been closed”

So, there. 

We in IPR- O call on President Muhammadu Buhari to please get this stolen money returned to

Akwa Ibom. We ask Akwa Ibom people to take pictures of these stolen properties, publish them and let Nigerians know that they demand justice! We ask that he be confronted in his public events to explain this sudden wealth considering that he left a recently announced debt of N500 billion Naira. We know that info on more debt he accrued on behalf of the state is trickling out from the state govt recently. 

So, Mr Buhari,  do you know this about the man standing by your side and making spurious claims about fighting for corruption. Sad. This is disingenuous and dishonesty on steroids.. We are closely following this new suddenly talkative Sen Akpabio who has clearly betrayed and according to EFCC swiped billions from his people. He would be serving a life sentence, made to perform restitution in our proposed Ibom People’s Republic!

I am Offiong Offiong Aqua



I am a civil, human and political rights activist. I chose to speak for the ignored and powerless. The Nigerian political scene is a jungle. Print and electronic media are owned by wealthy elites who irrespective of ethnicity and religion suppress public discourse of misgovernance, their political and economic ineptitude which has left Nigeria on it's knees. seeks to fix that. That is our aim. That is my life calling and purpose.

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