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Buhari In America# 1 series( B75) UN Ref On IPR. 9/23/2018.

“Let me tell uncomfortable truths that our graying and tired leaders like Edwin Clark are scared to tell- that Katsina where Buhari comes from and Kano State adds almost nothing to Nigerian budget except Muslim Northern military generals who seize power and now control Niger Delta Resources by fiat and with a rigged constitution with faulty and fake census figures they imposed on the country. I challenge Buhari to name how much Katsina or Kano contributes to the common purse of the country. I say zero! The issue of how much the Northern states who now dominate 80- 90% of the Fed bureaucracy contribute financially to the country must now be raised and debated. After,this level of property grab from other regions, we now have Buhari in NY trotting around like a Prince! How right is that?”

I am a civil, human and political rights activist. I chose to speak for the ignored and powerless. The Nigerian political scene is a jungle. Print and electronic media are owned by wealthy elites who irrespective of ethnicity and religion suppress public discourse of misgovernance, their political and economic ineptitude which has left Nigeria on it's knees. seeks to fix that. That is our aim. That is my life calling and purpose.

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