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Cameroon-Rumors: A possible military coup d’etat in Cameroon!

“There is only the likes of sources like Afrivelli: The military has seized power in Cameroon through a coup d’etat. Paul Biya, the incumbent President has been in power since 1982” (Afrivelli, 11.10.2018).

That is why there is little news or reports. There are nothing substantial yet. We don’t know if there is internet black-out and also closed the telephone lines. Because that is something this government does to public, when they want to do something vicious to their own population. Who knows if that is happening now.”

I am a civil, human and political rights activist. I chose to speak for the ignored and powerless. The Nigerian political scene is a jungle. Print and electronic media are owned by wealthy elites who irrespective of ethnicity and religion suppress public discourse of misgovernance, their political and economic ineptitude which has left Nigeria on it's knees. seeks to fix that. That is our aim. That is my life calling and purpose.

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