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Buhari’s Continous Certificate Saga


I want to re-state categorically that Buhari has NO VERIFIABLE CERTIFICATE anywhere in the world.

WAEC/CAMBRIDGE GCE: – Buhari did not sit for the Cambridge examination in 1961 as his names (Muhammadu, Mohammed or Mohamed Buhari) is not in the UK Examination body’s List of candidates names from 1960-1962. His name(s) is also NOT in WAEC candidates names in both Ghana and Nigeria Offices from 1960-1962. Any attempt by Buhari or his agents to present any document to INEC representing WACE or GCE certificate may constitute an Offence.

CERTIFICATE/ARMY RECRUITMENT: – Buhari presented no certificate to the Nigerian Army in 1961 when he joined them, as he has none. The only paperwork came from his school principal, stating that, “I consider that he (Buhari) will pass west African school certificate, with credit in English, Maths and three other subjects”. This letter is self-explanatory. You cannot pass an examination you never sit.

NIGERIA DEFENCE ACADEMY (NDA): – Buhari did not attend the NDA as claimed. He attended Royal Military Forces Training College (RMFTC) for months (End of 1961 to the beginning of 1962) for normal Army recruitment and physical fitness training. This is not a certification programme. RMFTC was renamed NDA (established on the 5th of February 1964), and regular courses were introduced thereon.

UK MILITARY TRAINING: Buhari attended the Aldershot based, Mons Officer Cadet School. No Certificate was issued to Buhari, as he passed no examination for the short period he was in the UK in 1963. Cadet School information collaborates this.

DEFENCE SERVICE STAFF COLLEGE, WILLINGTON, INDIA: – As usual, Buhari attended the staff college and did not sit for their examinations. The Defence Services Staff College, Willington does not issue a certificate of attendance to its attendee in 1974.

US WAR COLLEGE: – Buhari left this College in 1980. He has in his Wikipedia page that he was offered a Master Degree in the same college in 1980.
THE US War college have confirmed that they started their Master program in 2000 and there is no way Buhari should have gotten a Masters degree in that college in 1980. Again, no certificate was issued to him.

Veritable facts – from Anonymous Source

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